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Planning and Building Your Farm

Starting a farm can feel overwhelming, but let's hang on to the fun!

Meagan DeNeui has helped many people build or restructure their hobby farms

It feels like more and more people are creating for themselves and their families a more self-sustaining, hands-on way of life. Personally, I really like the fact that taking back some control over how and where we get our food both helps the environment AND saves us some money. And the best part, for me, is that I get to be with animals. You can learn more about our own little story here.

If you're starting a backyard homestead or small farm with animals, you may well have questions that the internets can't answer--and I'd truly love to help. I've spent my whole life with animals large and small, inside and outside, rain and shine and Great Lakes-level snow with sub-zero temps. And I'm lucky to have many great resources, including experienced friends and acquaintances in the small farm world with whom I swap stories and advice. I have yet to figure out how to write a resume that sums this all up, or come up with a title for what I do. (My childhood was strange in all the best ways, and you can imagine that bottle-feeding camels, feeding monkey biscuits to zebras and macaws, and taming munjac deer makes for many long stories!)

I work with all sorts of people via email, chat, phone or in person. I'm always happy to provide references upon request. Just
send us a quick note with some details about your ideas, interests, goals and so on, and we'll be on our way!


Meagan (owner)

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