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Who We Are

Moon Ruby Farm started with a big shift. This little family lived in a pretty little ranch house just down the hill from a beautiful tourist town. It was a perfect neighborhood for a family like ours, in many ways. We could bike to work! We could ride a Vespa to the store! But there was a quiet little feeling growing among us. We wanted a change of scenery, a place where we'd all grow and learn new things, led by the littlest of us kids. That leaves a lot of space for imagination, as many of you know!

Owsley's fir-ry hands.jpg

Eventually we figured it out and found a house in the foothills of the Siskiyou Mountains. It's amazing that we even found this little piece of the world, so winding are the roads! The hill was steep, the soil stubborn; but there was space, and beauty, and a coop already full of chickens! We packed up the dogs and the cats and the fish, and we moved in.


Maybe it started with the chickens, or maybe it was just the sight of an empty barn, but it felt like we could hold more life and foster more learning of the type that you can't quite name. You know, that kind of learning that comes from witnessing the birth of baby goats, seeing the sheer strength of a young horse, playing with chicks in a dollhouse.


So we brought home two beautiful little goats. And then we brought home a few more (oops!). And then there was this young horse who'd lost all hope in humans. Suddenly it became clear that we needed a name that would join us all together. One particularly fun and funny afternoon splashing in the water, the right words came together -- got said aloud in just the right way -- and from that moment on, we were residents of Moon Ruby Farm.

And here we are!

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