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Our Herd


Moon Ruby Farm is home to a relatively small herd of "Nigies" chosen for strong milk production, good udder conformation, and character. We're very committed to the little herd we've put together over the years, and not just because they're pretty and sweet and funny and have great personalities!


With our primary focus being to preserve and improve the Nigerian Dwarf breed, we carefully select our breeding goats to include does and bucks with well-respected and award-winning pedigrees. This is not to brag! We're not like that. We don't even show goats ourselves, being happily busy with other farm projects. It all just means that because Moon Ruby kids have good bloodlines that have proven quite successful in the show ring, they make for excellent and dependable milkers, worthy breeding stock for other herds, and simply great companions for the backyard farm.


It's important to us that we stay small, so that each doe and kid has a close relationship with us humans. And we register every goat with the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) to ensure that our kids end up in good homes, with people who understand this exceptional breed.

Breeding Does

Fiver was born small and remains shorter in stature as compared to her herd mates  but she grew up strong and is now the duchess of the herd. She is another great milker, and easily birthed a beautiful doeling this past July. Color/pattern: brown chamoisée with brown eyes.


Starfire is a very pretty goat with lots of great coloring. She's also a great milk producer from good lines. And she's made two beautiful bucks in the past two seasons--her bucklings always go on to be solid herdsires. Color/pattern: scattered tri-color (gold, brown and white) with gold eyes.


Gwynnie is our favorite, no holds barred (but sshhhhhh, please don't tell the others). She doesn't care about anything but food and being petted--with the latter being most important, just as it was for her dear mum. Color/pattern: tri-colored buckskin (black, tan and white) with a few moon spots and golden brown eyes.


Pippa is a beautiful, old-world Nigerian goat with excellent conformation. Queen of our herd, Pippa was bred to be a big milker, and indeed she is our top producer. With horn buds too far along when she came to Moon Ruby, she got hung up on something and lost half a horn. (She was surprisingly fine, and we call her our unicorn-and-a-half.) Pippa is a Pholia Farm doe born on a farm that is not a part of ADGA, hence her odd registered name. Color/pattern: Black and white buckskin with gold eyes.

Bucks ♂
Sugar-Pine JB Espresso Madness

Our primary herdsire is Sugar-Pine JB Espresso Madness -- we prefer to call him Mr. Mister. Espresso is a strong, small buck with great lines. He has blue eyes and is homozygous for the gene, which means that his kids always have blue eyes, and their kids will likely blue eyes, too (depending on the dam). He also has a good amount of polled heritage in his background. Color/pattern: black and cream buckskin with blue eyes.

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