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Animal Care & Farm Support

Having a farm with animals can be daunting, and we'd love to help make it easier. Whether you find something a bit too challenging or just don't have time time to do it, we can probably lend a hand.

Farm services include:

  • Farm-sitting

  • Goat hoof trimming

  • Milking (hand-milking preferred)

  • Bottle-feeding

  • Administering vaccinations and medications

  • Providing supplements and alternative treatments

  • Assisting with births and newborn care (goats only)

  • Caring for weakened animals

  • Small hay and feed deliveries

And if you just need a bit of advice about how to best house, feed and nurture your animals, see us for some small farm mentoring!

Kunekune pigs are wonderful homestead companions
Kids learn so much from animals
Nigerian Dwarf goats are wonderful for milking and companionship
Birthing/kidding and caring for newborn goats
Exotic livestock are fun
Training a rescue horse
Grow up with animals of all kinds
Bond between children and farm animals
Llamas were a great introduction to life on a farm
Pigs make wonderful hobby farm companions

A lot of what I do is what I loved doing as a kid: gaining the trust of other animals. Still my favorite place to be, and now I get to do it all with a little help from my little family. :)



If you have any type of farm, you well know that it can be very hard to get away, and finding the right caretaker can be stressful--especially if you have a sudden need to leave town. We can relate! Personally, our little farm means the world to me, and things need to be done the right way and at the right time. Call me woo-woo, but a little routine every day seems to keep the doctor away...


With a whole little family helping behind the scenes at Moon Ruby, I've recently been able to enjoy doing some farm-sitting for folks in southern Oregon and northern California, both daily visits and overnights. Having many years of experience with many types of animals, I offer a different level of care and dependability than most. I've spent days and nights with beautiful and highly valuable animals; with animals in the throes of the breeding frenzy; with calm, cool and collected animals living in the woods with cougars and bears and their good old livestock guardian dog companions.

Moon Ruby farm-sitting services include:

  • Milking and preferred milk storage practices

  • Bottle-feeding and hand-raising of young or weakened animals

  • Feeding and watering on schedule

  • Maintaining clean living quarters

  • Managing and monitoring herds and individual animals

  • Providing vaccinations, supplements and other special and routine treatments

Tempted or desperate to take a vacation? Caught in a situation that needs your full attention? Let's set up a time to chat about your needs/expectations while I meet your animals. Just send me a note!

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