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This year's kids are ready to go!

As you probably know, our little herd of does and herdsire are all from excellent lines, including Pholia Farm, Camanna, Sugar-Pine and Rosasharn. And boy are they colorful! These blue-eyed babes were born in April and they are more than ready to go to their new homes. I've been dragging my feet for months because it has been quite fun to have so many Nigies around all day -- but truth be told, we're overcrowded for the winter rains and need to say goodbye.

Also available are two bucklings born June 2018 -- these unstinky little teenagers are very friendly, making buck-keeping a LOT easier. (Seriously -- just like their dad, none of them insist on applying that infamous goat cologne. I can't believe my luck!)

Please note that this year's kids were not fully disbudded, resulting in almost all kids having shorter horns; also, we're needing to decrease our herd size sooner rather than later. Goats are discounted accordingly -- bucks are $150-250, does are $225-300. (Bucks can be neutered/wethered upon request.) ADGA registration is an additional $25/goat.

Oh, and I'm thinking about offering pregnant does so if you're interested, please let me know. It would require waiting another month or two for the does to reach full maturity and size.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or to schedule a time to meet the kids! :)

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